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Retail Mastry System Lending Library
for Catholic Retailers Association Members

The Catholic Retailers Association, brings to its members, the Complete Retail Mastery System from Wiz-Bang Training. This powerful eleven module training program provides insight, training, tecniques and concrete ideas to make your store more successful at serving customers needs and more financially stable and profitable. Access to this $2,500 training library is FREE as part of your association membership.


1. Assortment Planning

2. Customer Service

3. Electronic Marketing

4. Financial Planning

5. Inventory Management

6. Marketing

7. Personal Business Skills

8. Selling

9. Staff Development

10. Store Operations

11. Visual Merchandising



To take advantage of this exclusive benefit for registered member of the Catholic Retailers Asociation, call 815-979-8888 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In that email:

  1. Indicate the module you would like to check out of the library (provide an alternate if your first choice is not available)
  2. Include your name shipping address and phone number. (You will be contacted for credit card information to be used as a security deposit on the module and to pay for outgoing shipping)

You will have 21 days to watch, listen, study and review the material before you need to return it so other members have the opportunity to benifit for this training and teaching tool. You may only have one module at any time.

Enjoy! Learn! and become a better Catholic Retailer.