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Dear Catholic Retailer,

Catholic Stores provide a unique service to the Church and the Catholic faithful. Those who work in Catholic retail find it rewarding and challanging. In this effort you are not alone. The Catholic Retailers Association is a network of Catholic stores in the United States and Canada whose main purpose is to help you develop your ministry and business of Catholic retail.

The complete list of member benefits is listed in a separate article. Essentially, membership in the association provides you connection to a network of other store owners and managers. Through this connection come great ideas for the marketing, merchadising, management and ministry of your store. In addition, there is the opportunity to build great relationships with people who actually understand what it is like to be in Catholic Retail.

If you meet the requirements for membership shown below and are ready for support, ideas, information and assistance, I invite you to complete the membership application and join today!

Chris Weickert
CRA Director